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Bjurholms Kommun, Castorskolan

Logo-BjurholmsWe are an Secondary school with 250 pupils and 25 teachers situated in Bjurholm, Sweden’s smallest municipality, with 2430 inhabitants. The municipality has slightly rural character and is located in the north of Sweden at latitude 63 N.

Our society is situated in the Earth’s coniferous forest belt and has a cool temperate climate. Bjurholm is located 60 km west of Umeå, a city with 115000 inhabitants. Because of the municipality’s small size and northern location, it is important for us to make contact with other countries and areas, and to have the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas of mutual benefit.
Our municipality has about 420 registered companies – this means that more than every 4 inhabitant in Bjurholm, of working age, run companies. According to annual surveys conducted nationally by the business, Bjurholm has for several years held fine top rankings in Northern Sweden as a business-friendly municipality. A large proportion of our students have a multicultural background. Many other students have their roots in the area for many generations. In Bjurholm many companies are related to forestry.

We live close to nature. Being out in all seasons is an important part of our everyday life at school. There is a constant need, interest and longing among teachers go have time enough and opportunities to meet with other pedagogues in order to share experiences. It is in the meeting with other people great ideas arise and develop. When travelling and seeing other schools you also discover your own school in another way. The possibility to look at small details can make tremendous difference when it comes to developing something new.

Bjurholms Kommun, Carstokolan
Contact person: Ann-Marie Bäckström
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