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logorealschuleThe “Altmühltal-Realschule Beilngries” is a secondary school in rural areas, which has around 650 students from three different counties in the heart of Bavaria. 4500 inhabitants live within the city limits of Beilngries, an old medieval town, which economics are based on a relatively small industrial section, but even more upon tourism as a slowly growing economic section.

Beilngries is the center of four counties encompassing “Nature Parks Altmuehltal”. The unemployment rate in the region is relatively low. The car manufacturer “Audi” in Ingolstadt, 30 km South of Beilngries, is a very large employer. Our students come from the area of around 20 km with about 9000 inhabitants. Therefore a large proportion of our students come to school by bus. Three principals, 35 teachers, 5 specialist teachers, 3 trainees study and 5 part-time teachers are operating a total of 25 classes. Involved in the “MINT”-Project our school takes part in the “Sinus”- and “Fibonacci”- program.

At the beginning of grade 7 all pupils have to decide between the following electives: technical, economic, French and social services. General Certificate of Secondary Education (“Mittlere Reife”) is the final degree, which allows either the beginning of a vocational training or the attendance of a higher educational school. The pupils are mostly coming from the surrounding area, but there are also some of different ethnic backgrounds in our school, which makes Islam the largest group. Furthermore, there are several Russian-German pupils.

The last few years our teachers have noticed an important change in the behaviour and way of learning of our pupils, and we feel a strong need to adapt to the current situation.

Altmühltal Realschule
Contact person: Matthias Röder
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