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logoquatrecantonspoblenoupetitThe Institut Quatre Cantons is a public secondary high school (12-18 years old)  situated in the neighbourhood of Poblenou in the city of Barcelona. This is a traditonal area of the city which, in recent times, has undergone  a relevant modernizing process. As a result, the neighbourhood is composed of a heterogeneous population with an important activity of social organizations.
Since its creation in 2011-12, the school is applying an innovative educational project, open and inclusive which searches for excellence, equity and comprehensive education for their young students. The implementation of the project is characterized by the transformation of some of the usual elements related to  organization and operation in schools. Thus, changes in time management, groups and spaces have been introduced as well as in curricula, methodologies and evaluation; the school is also  reinterpreting the central role of the student in the learning process and the teacher’s management and support in this process.

Institut Quatre Cantons
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 Contact person: Carme Gabaldon
 E-mail: [email protected]