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Vilniaus “Santaros” vidurine mokykla

logovilniusOur school provides general secondary education. It is the largest school of national minorities in Lithuania. There are 800 students and 60 qualified teachers in the school. Santaros secondary school was among 5 best schools in Vilnius in respect of students’ academic achievements and exam results in2012 and 2013.
Our school is getting the status Open European School. Teaching quality improvement and internationalization are our main priorities.
The school’s Development Plan focuses on the teaching quality development aiming  to:
• support staff in the acquisition of competences (knowledge, skills, attitudes) with a view to their personal development;
• support the continuing professional development with a view to innovating and improving the quality of teaching in favour of students;
• increase students’ achievement and engaging through integrated curriculum;
• enhance the quality of English language teaching in the school and particularly to increase students’ motivation, so that they leave school with the skills necessary to communicate effectively in English with other European countries in their working career
• enhance notably the participants’ foreign language competence

Vilniaus “Santaros” vidurine mokykla
Contact person: Irina Rovda
E-mail: [email protected]