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Königliches Athenäum Eupen

logo-KAE-EupenKAE is a General Education secondary school with  850  pupils and 103 qualified teachers, situated in Eupen, a small town  with 19.000 inhabitants with slightly rural character in the eastern, German – speaking, part of Belgium (77.000 inhabitants).
Eupen is  about 5 km from the Wallonian part of Belgium, 20 km from the German border and 15 km from the Dutch border. Because of this specific geographical and historical situation ( we belonged to Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium at least)  we are used  and forced to speak more than one language, to be in close contact with other countries and open for their ideas, being  just such a small spot in Belgium.

The specificity of our school is our multilingual and multicultural background. Our pupils’ education is based on four languages, the 3 national languages, German, French and Dutch and of course English. We even have a large amount of students in bilingual classes (German and French, both mother tongue), where lessons are given equally in German and French.

In our school there are pupils from 20 nationalities and 5 different religions.

Our school project is based on bilingual teaching with a large choice of science courses.

Königliches Athenäum
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