TN2. Spain

The second official transnational meeting between the coordinators of each school was held in Barcelona, Spain from the 31st of May to 2nd of June. The coordinators attending the meeting were: Verena Brammertz, representing Belgium and coordinator of the project, Irina Rovda from Lithuania, Ann-Marie Bäckstörm from Sweden, Isabel Pereira from Madeira, Matthias Röder from Germany and Carme Gabaldon from Spain. The meeting had the following agenda:

As it can be noticed in the agenda, this meeting was dedicated mainly to fill in the final report and have a feedback from all coordinators and participant schools about the project outcomes, and different ways for dissemination and follow up activities to continue and ensure the impact of the project and its results at all implicated schools

At the same time, a brain storming about a follow up project was made and the possibilities for all partners to continue in the same team and also to add some new partners in a future project to be introduced at the NA in 2018. It was also decided to stay with the same main Coordinating school from Eupen (Belgium) and Verena Brammertz as its coordinator.


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