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C6. Activities and Outcomes

During the week in Eupen, the Königliches Athenäum offered a set of teaching-learning activities devoted to both  teachers and students. Some outstanding visits were also organized worth to be mentioned.

Activities by and for students

Some of the following activities were led by the host students and some others were led by teachers for the whole group of students.

  • Guided tour around the school (led by host students)
  • Model lesson on science classes (led by host students)
  • Lecture and workshop about Power Point presentations.
  • Workshop using the interactive whiteboard in a geography lesson.
  • City rallies: in Eupen (led by teachers) and in Auchen (led by host students)
  • Workshops to prepare the final presentations.


Activities for teachers

  • Lecture about the use of Interactive Whiteboards.
  • Lecture and workshop on Creative and Innovative Teaching.


Relevant visits

  • European Parliament, Brussels
  • Parliament of the German-speaking community, Eupen

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