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Innovative Approach at Königliches Athenäum

As we got this year new school curricula and are busy in teacher training for the implementation of those curricula, we got aware of the need to find and use new teaching methods , more adapted to those new curricula and also to teachers’ and students’ needs.
For this reason and to share experiences, information and solutions with other countries and schools, we are  very motivated  to work on this project.

Our school is used to work on European projects as we participated in several Comenius projects before and we have seen the benefit of those projects for teachers and pupils.  Pupils, teachers and parents are used to those kind of projects and open for it. We are highly supported by our school directory which promotes the participation on European projects, the opening of school and teachers to Europe and innovation.

Some of our teachers are very innovative yet and would like to join the project in order to share and exchange their experience in innovative teaching with others, especially teachers from other countries.

The quality of ITC material is on a very hight level at our school. Nearly all classrooms are equiped with interactive boards, beamers, computers etc.. There are also several specific computer classrooms and a media-library with a qualified media teacher, working there full-time, so that the library is accessible to pupils every time.

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