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Innovative Approach at Bjurholm Kommun Castorskolan

A part of the schhol staff are very innovative and also know the benefits of sharing and exchanging experiences. To include the students in an international project where they both get to see schools in Europe as well as participating in the development of new ways to reach knowledge is one way in itself to make school real.

We are interested in and try to implement the educational research that is currently present in Sweden. For us it is important to include all students in education so they can achieve and carry out studies of at least upper secondary level.

The quality of ITC material is on a high level at our school. We have started to provide tablet computers to all students. Those who first may have access to the best technology is the youngest children, as well as those of all levels who need it most.

We believe that it is important that our school trains students in entrepreneurial thinking and work because entrepreneurship is and will continue to be important for our district. We have a notion that outdoor and group boosting activities are important parts of teaching.

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