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Innovative approach at Altmühltal Realschule

After a longer period without or with only few international contacts, some teachers of our school have decided to reinforce the effort to open the school to the European Union by establishing contacts with other schools. Finally, in 2012, one of our teachers initiated a COMENIUS-project and managed to built up a small network with schools from Italy, Turkey, Spain, Northern Ireland, Croatia and Cypres.

While making first experiences working with partners from different countries and cultures, we noticed that we need professional training to cope with the arising challenges. To expand our knowledge about inter-cultural project management, three of our teachers applied for mobilities to Portugal and Spain to attend teachers trainings that promote corresponding skills.

With the current project, we would like to utilize these competences and thus expand our network with international partners.

At the same time we want to find out how to adapt to the new situation that the changes in society have been bringing into our classrooms and thus have a close look into schools in other countries. This year, we are changing our worn-out blackboards over to interactive boards, bringing multimedia content and internet access into every classroom. Therefore, we would like to benefit from the experiences with modern IT-infrastructure of other countries. At the same time, we think that we can contribute in exchange by sharing our experiences with team-teaching and language teaching, with Germany having a high efficiency for learning and using foreign languages and being quite successful in doing this, according to commonly accepted studies.