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Innovative Approach at Torre School

Torre School hasn’t had the experience of school partnerships with students in the past and is looking forward to building a European connection with partners that are willing to share their knowledge. Some teachers, however, have benefited from training courses funded by Comenius and Grundtvig grants, and that is the case of the EFL teacher from this school involved in the present application. One of those past experiences with the Lithuanian partner is now opening up the way for this innovation at this school and that has been brought forth with a strong sense of trust and credit in the professional work and open dialogue as well.
One of the activities planned for the week in Madeira involves students themselves sharing the communication tools they use, namely 2.0 web tools, which make communication more effective in the learning environment (even if those tools haven’t been specifically designed for educational purposes). Both students and teachers (and everyone else indirectly involved) will benefit from such learnings. In a school that can’t offer much variety or quantity of communication technology resources, we firmly believe it rather becomes a “share what we have and what we know” case and make it better. Bottomline: build upon what we have instead of lamenting what we lack.