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Vilnius. Day to Day

Day 1

On Monday 16th November, all participants in the project “Ready for innovative teaching?” were welcome at Vilniaus “Santaros” Gymnazia in the school auditorium. After some welcoming performances, Irina Rovda (coordinator in Lithuania) thanked everybody’s presence and  invited, students and teachers, to participate in two teaching activities intended to deal with the main objective of the project: interchanging innovative experiencies in different school contexts. Thus, all the participants attended, organized in two groups, a session about “Video telling”  and a session about “Debating”.

Later on, students could visit the school while teachers met to talk about the methodologies used in these sessions as well as deal with different aspects in relation to project organization, objectives and outputs.

After lunch and all along the afternoon, all of us could enjoy a guided tour that showed us  highly interesting places in Vilnius, such as the Church of St Peter and St Paul and the historical centre of the city.

Day 2

On our second day in Vilnius, teachers and students had different activities during the morning session.

Local students and guests attended the usual lessons scheduled just to get to know the different types of subjects. So, they were invited to participate in Maths, Russian Language, Theatre and other subjects.

Teachers, on the other hand, met to continue working in the project, focusing on the questionnaires to get information about innovative techniques and preparing the basis for the logo contest. The final winner of the logo contest will be decided in our next meeting in Madeira.

In the afternoon, we could enjoy free time to sightseeing or going shopping.

Day 3

We spent our third day on a trip sightseeing and visiting different places.

Thus, in the morning, we visited the Hill of Crosses , a site of pilgrimage about 12 km north of the city of Šiauliai, in northern Lithuania.

After spending some time visiting the place, we had lunch and later on, we could enjoy at the Ruta Chocolate Museum, in Šiauliai. There, students and teachers had a good time at the chocolate workshop, discovering how chocolates are produced and trying our hand at production of chocolates and enjoying them right away.

Finally, we visited the Bicycle Museum where everybody had the opportunity to explore the history of bicycles and enjoy entertainment these vehicles provide.

Day 4

This time we spend great part of the day visiting Trakai Castle, a fantastic castle built in an island where we could admire the inner parts of construction, visit the chapel and cross the bridge to main castle gatehouse.

Day 5