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C3.Activities and Outcomes

During the week, the Institut Quatre Cantons offered a set of learning environments that have a common trait: to provide students the possibility of becoming the protagonists of their own learning processes.

These learning environments also promote the acquisition of different types of knowledge (artistic, linguistic, mathematic, technological…) as well as require putting into practice skills such as autonomy, planning and decision taking.

animated-arrow-image-0042Model lesson: Integrated Study “Gaudí(r) Barcelona”

This model lesson, especially designed for the Erasmus+ week,  consisted of two main working areas:

  • A research, in groups, about major works by Gaudí
  • Workshops, led by teachers, to widen students’ knowledge about Gaudí, his work and his time.

animated-arrow-image-0042Activities designed by students

These activities were designed and organized by the students to promote their creativity and implication

  • Games on the beach: get-to-know and ice-break games and activities
  • A quiz about Barcelona: questions about the city using the online app “Kahoot”
  • Treasure Hunt: touristic route in the city centre using Google Maps.


animated-arrow-image-0042Lectures and workshops by experts

  • “Geometry lesson using soap bubbles” by Anton Aubanell
  • “European Portfolio of Languages” by Neus Lorenzo
  • “School Organization and Integrated Studies at Institut Quatre Cantons” by Ramon Grau, principal of the school.