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Barcelona. Day to Day

Day 1

This was our fantastic experience in Barcelona. On Monday, we started our week with a welcome in the school gym, where the headmaster, a representative of the families and some students made everybody welcome, and we listened to a “batucada” exhibition.Then we went to the beach, where the students took part in several games aimed to facilitate their getting to know each other. After lunch, we met at school for a guided visit to the Sagrada Familia, Gaudí’s masterpiece and a famous monument all over the world.

Day 2

On Tuesday our day started in Institut Quatre Cantons. We were offered the options of four different workshops, all of them related to Gaudí (art, technology, history and mathematics), and also we started our own project about different buildings by the Catalan architect. That way, we also experienced the way of working and learning at this school. Meanwhile, the teachers listened to a talk by an expert in innovation, and did a Modernist route in the city center. In the afternoon, we all took part in a treasure hunt organized by the Catalan students. During the treasure hunt, we had the opportunity of seeing some of the most important landmarks in the Gothic Quarter.

Day 3

On Wednesday morning we continued with our workshops and projects on Gaudí. The teachers attended a lecture by the headmaster of Institut Quatre Cantons, where he explained the innovative system used at the school, and then all together we attended a very special mathematics class: geometry with soap bubbles! Then we enjoyed a free afternoon.

Day 4

On Thursday morning we finished our projects and each group (except the ones who had the Park Güell as their topic) made an oral presentation to the rest of the students about the building by Gaudí they had researched. In the afternoon we visited the Park Güell (explained by the students who had this assignment), and we attended the “Gaudí experiència”, a 4D film about the architect and his particular vision of the world.

Day 5

Friday was devoted to a whole day visit to the sea village of Sitges, a beautiful place with a lot of history and modernist art. There we visited the museum of Cau Ferrat, and we learnt about the artist, collector and writer Santiago Rusiñol. In the evening, we attended a fantastic farewell party at the school gym, organized by the Catalan students and their families. About a hundred people gathered there! We ate an excellent dinner prepared by the families, we danced together and we said our goodbyes in a very pleasant atmosphere. An unforgettable experience!