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Beilngries, Germany

C4. Dissemination

Altmuhtal Realschule (Beilngries, Germany) Permanent link in the school homepage to inform about the participation in the  Erasmus+ project Press releases in two local newspapers (Donaukourier and Neumarkter Tagblatt) in relation to the Physical Education class imparted during the Erasmus+ visit as an example of innovative methodology. Neumarkter Tagblatt press release Donaukouri...
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C5. Model lesson on Home Economics

In order to show some of the contents  dealt with in the subject "Home Economics", students and teachers participated in a cooking session, that is, how to cook gingerbread cookies, one of the most famoust sweets of the area. The session run by the teacher in charge of this subject at school was organized in two parts: - during the first one we were shown a presentation on these cookies,...
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C4. Physical Education session

During this session, students and teachers were invited to see a Physical Education class taught in English to Grade 7 students. The objective of the session was to show how team teaching methodology is put into practice as well as to show CLIL methodological aspects. In the following links you can consult the lesson planning and the material used in the session. Lesson Plan Prompts / Plans ...
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C4.Workshop for teachers: Learning languages through games / Team teaching

During this workshop, teachers were introduced to the use of games  as a teaching strategy in the language classroom as well as to the main aspects of team teaching as a teaching methodology. After the presentations, some aspects were discussed and a debate was set up in relation to these two contents. Using games in the language classroom. Theoretical approach from 2015rfit Team Tea...
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C4 Model lesson on “Learning languages through games”

During this session, both local and visiting students participated in highly participative session based on games as a strategy to teach languages. This model lesson and the different activities involved promoted students' motivation and kept their attention throughout the session, two of the most important goals in the process of language acquisition.   In the following presenta...
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C4. Learning by teaching workshop for students: The European Union

During this session, students were asked to prepare a model lesson on how they would introduce the European Union to other students. They were grouped in teams with members from the different visiting countries and they designed and later on presented their work in front of the rest of students. The objective was to plan, design and put into practice strategies to reach agreements on the most ...
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C4. Day to Day

Day 1 On the first day of our stay in the beautiful Bavarian village of Beilngries, teachers and students were made welcome by the principal of the Altmühtal Realschule, and also by the Vice County Commissioner, Ms. Rita Böhm. While the students made the presentations about each of their countries in front of the German students, the teachers attended a workshop in a traditional Bavarian bakery...
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C4. Activities and outcomes

The activities developed during the mobility in Beilngries have been designed either for teachers and students with the purpose to show the main aspects of the school project. Learning by teaching workshop for students: The European Union During this session, the visiting students were asked to design and present a lesson on the European Union. Model lesson on "Learning languages thro...
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Innovative approach at Altmühltal Realschule

After a longer period without or with only few international contacts, some teachers of our school have decided to reinforce the effort to open the school to the European Union by establishing contacts with other schools. Finally, in 2012, one of our teachers initiated a COMENIUS-project and managed to built up a small network with schools from Italy, Turkey, Spain, Northern Ireland, Croatia and C...
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