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Barcelona, Spain

C3. Dissemination

Institut Quatre Cantons (Barcelona, Spain) Permanent link in the school homepage to inform about the participation in the Erasmus+ project via Twitter @Ins4cantons and the #Erasmuspluc4C has twitted the meetings of the different mobilities.  Other teachers from the school (@cdiezrioja and @8choa) have contributed with their own account in Twitter in  the events and workshops perf...
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C3. Lectures and workshops by experts

Geometry Lesson using soap bubbles During this session, students and teachers saw how geometry could be explained through soap bubbles. The session was held by Mr. Anton Aubanell, Associate Professor of Didactic of Maths at the UB (Mathematics University of Barcelona), Maths Professor at the IES Sa Palomera of Blanes, and expert in manipulative materials and experimental activities applied to mat...
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C3. Activities designed by students

Games on the beach In order to put into practice this activity, Catalan students have been asked to design and organize a two-hour session based on collaborative games on the beach. The objective of the session is to promote positive interaction among the different members of the teams and get to know each other. Planning and decision taking are basic to carry out the activity. The schedule ...
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C3. Integrated Study: Gaudí(r) Barcelona

Gaudí(r) Barcelona is an integrated study, specially designed for the occasion, that consists of getting to know Barcelona through the leading figure of Antoni Gaudí, the Catalan modernist architect. By means of a compulsory research and optional workshops, students are asked to deal with different types of activities belonging to different curricular areas: social studies, language, technology, m...
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C3.Activities and Outcomes

During the week, the Institut Quatre Cantons offered a set of learning environments that have a common trait: to provide students the possibility of becoming the protagonists of their own learning processes. These learning environments also promote the acquisition of different types of knowledge (artistic, linguistic, mathematic, technological...) as well as require putting into practice skills...
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Innovative Approach at Institut Quatre Cantons

As far as the development of the curriculum is concerned,  the Institut Quatre Cantons supports a vision in relation to the management of academic contents, space and time. Thus, the following decisions were taken to deploy the project: - Approaching subjects to the everyday reality of students and their social context, in order to highlight the relationship between curricula and the world outs...
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Barcelona. Day to Day

Day 1 This was our fantastic experience in Barcelona. On Monday, we started our week with a welcome in the school gym, where the headmaster, a representative of the families and some students made everybody welcome, and we listened to a “batucada” exhibition.Then we went to the beach, where the students took part in several games aimed to facilitate their getting to know each other. After lunch...
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