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Vilnius, Lithuania

C1. National stereotypes

This workshop dealt with an issue that, nowadays, is of vital importance worldwide. Lithuania, being a member-state of the European Union and of the world community, faces the problem in its full swing. Lithuanian citizens (especially young ones) are leaving the country in hundreds while people from Eastern Europe and Asia are coming in search of better living conditions and work. Students should ...
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C1. Video telling

Intercultural competence, acknowledged as the key component of foreign language studies, increases the need to adapt teaching methods and materials to raise learners’ cultural awareness. Video sharing culture, which has become popular in our society, can be successfully used in the ELT classroom for developing language learners’ intercultural competence. Video telling is video + storytelling for t...
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C1.Debating Methodology

We consider debates to be important and innovative in education. The quotations from World debate Expert Professor Alfred Snider are the best explanation to our choice of debates as a method to ntroduce in our project. “As educators we shape the future. Every time we expand the critical advocacy skills of our students while at the same time involving them in a more serious consideration of the ...
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C1. Activities and Outcomes

During our stay at Vilniaus “Santaros” vidurine mokykla, students and teachers participated actively in two lessons that put into practice two different approaches to language learning and a workshop on a current issue. Workshop on Debating Methodology This highly participative session allowed students to put into practice their oral skills as well as to develop their abilities to generate o...
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Innovative approach at Vilniaus “Santaros” vidurine mokykla

Our school has participated in Comenius projects which proved to be successful and useful for the teaching/learning process. Our school is a member of Lithuanian Debate Centre since 1996. During this time we have gained a lot of experience in debating and, what is more important, using debating methodology in formal and informal education. We want to share our experiences in this field with our p...
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Vilnius. Day to Day

Day 1 On Monday 16th November, all participants in the project “Ready for innovative teaching?” were welcome at Vilniaus “Santaros” Gymnazia in the school auditorium. After some welcoming performances, Irina Rovda (coordinator in Lithuania) thanked everybody’s presence and  invited, students and teachers, to participate in two teaching activities intended to deal with the main objective of the ...
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