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C6. Relevant Visits

During our stay in Eupen, two outstanding visits were scheduled. The first one was to the European Parliament in Brussels. There, all the group met Mr.Pascal Arimont, deputy of the European Parliament, who gave students and teachers a very interesting lecture on the parliament and its organization and main functions.

The other important meeting took place the Parliament of the German-speaking Community of Belgium in Eupen. We had the opportunity to  meet the President of the Parliament, Mr. Alexander Miesen, as well as Mr. Harald Mollers, Minister of Education of the German speaking Community, with whom we spoke about the importance of European Projects in general, and last but not least, Mrs. Anna Stuers, the responsible representative from the NA of the DG for Erasmus +. All of them were aware of the positive impact on all the participants of our project.  This the album of our visit:


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