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C6. Activities for teachers

During the meeting, two main activities were designed exclusive for teachers.

Lecture on interactive whiteboard

This lecture for teachers about using interactive whiteboard in language classes was given by an expert teacher from the school, Mr Norbert Herman. The main goal was to familiarise teachers with the tool, offering practical examples based on ActivInspire software for interactive teaching. In the provided link you can check the lesson plan.
Lesson plan

Lecture and workshops for teachers about Creativity by Creative Lab School

Teachers participated in a highly motivating workshop on creativity conducted by the external expert Vicenzo Bianca. Vincenzo Bianca is an educational psychologist in creativity. He worked at the University of Liège before creating his own training and consultancy structure in soft skills, the CTISS. He also worked as an expert in creativity management for various structures throughout Europe and developed in 2014 a new creative project management model. Today he is in charge of various programs around creativity, including the Creative Lab School program that implements creative labs in the High Schools in Belgium.

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