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C6. Activities for and by students


Guided tour around the school

During this activity host students were in charge to give overall information about the school in mixed groups of both visiting students and teachers. The tour was very interesting and allowed everybody to know the most relevant places in the school.


Model lesson on science classes

This creative and innovative science class was prepared by host students for visiting students. The contents were about electricity and chemical experiments (supervised by science teacher) and was carried out in the lab. In the following link you can have a look at the activities carried out during  the workshop.

Lecture and workshop about Power Point presentations.

This interesting worshop for students had as its main gooal to provide students with tips and advice on how to implement effectively powerpoint presentations. This session was very useful, as they would be asked to use this kind of presentations as a tool to make a feedback of the previous five meetings the last day of the week. Here you have the presentation.


Workshop using the interactive whiteboard in a geography lesson.

Students also participated in a geography lesson using the interactive whiteboard which had as its main objectives learning about Belgium, learning about the German speaking community of Belgium and learning on how to work with the active board. In the following link you can check the lesson plan of this session.

Lesson plan

City rallies

“Mens sana in corpore sano”. With this motto, two city rallies were organized. The first was led PE teachers and took place in Eupen, and the second one was designed by students and took place in Aachen.

Workshops to prepare the final presentations

During these sessions, mixed student groups were require to elaborate powerpoint presentations as feedback about each of the five previous meetings. The groups were formed by the host students who had travelled each of the previous destinations and the visiting students from this specific destinations. Thus, they provided information about the city, the school and the activities carried out during each meeting.

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