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C3. Dissemination

Institut Quatre Cantons (Barcelona, Spain)

  • Permanent link in the school homepage to inform about the participation in the Erasmus+ project

  • via Twitter @Ins4cantons and the #Erasmuspluc4C has twitted the meetings of the different mobilities.  Other teachers from the school (@cdiezrioja and @8choa) have contributed with their own account in Twitter in  the events and workshops performed during the week in Barcelona.


  • Permanent mural exhibition at school informing about the different mobilities


During the Open Doors Day, students participating in the project explained to the assistants about the Erasmus+ project and the different mobilities using the posters of the  permanent mural exhibition as visual support.


  • Participant students’ presentantions. They were also in charge to ensure and promote dissemination of the experiences lived during the different mobilities. Thus, each member, individually or in teams, was asked to elaborate a final product which included information about the place, the school, the outdoor and indoor activities  and their personal opinion in order to be explained in different scenaries: to their classmates, to teachers or to the school community. In the following links, you can take a look at the presentations, videos or documents elaborated.

C1: Vilnius, Lithuania

 C2 Câmara de Lobos, Madeira


 C4 Beilngries, Germany


C5 Bjurholm, Sweden

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