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C3. Lectures and workshops by experts

Geometry Lesson using soap bubbles

During this session, students and teachers saw how geometry could be explained through soap bubbles. The session was held by Mr. Anton Aubanell, Associate Professor of Didactic of Maths at the UB (Mathematics University of Barcelona), Maths Professor at the IES Sa Palomera of Blanes, and expert in manipulative materials and experimental activities applied to maths education and Director of Creamat until January 2014.


European Portfolio of Languages

Mrs. Neus Lorenzo is inspector of education at the Generalitat de Catalunya, Department of Education. She is an expert in the educational use of social  networks,  educational leadership  to be applied in the field of alternative learning and in the elaboration of criteria for integrated assessment in life skills.

During the session, teachers attended a lecture about the European Portfolio of Languages.




School Organization and Integrated Studies

During this session, teachers attended a lecture by the principal of the school, Mr. Ramon Grau. The objective of this lecture was to explain how Institut Quatre Cantons has reorganized the curricula, the schedules and the organization of groups to implement Integrated Studies in students’ timetables. The principal also explained the main traits of Integrated Studies at the school.