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C1.Debating Methodology

We consider debates to be important and innovative in education. The quotations from World debate Expert Professor Alfred Snider are the best explanation to our choice of debates as a method to ntroduce in our project.

“As educators we shape the future. Every time we expand the critical advocacy skills of our students while at the same time involving them in a more serious consideration of the subject matter at hand, we make a positive contribution to that future. Our advocacy of debate as a method recognizes that the knowledge and information landscape of the 21st century calls for new critical methods and a new approach to education. We do not believe debate is the only way to approach this daunting challenge, but we strongly believe it is a powerful tool for creating a better world.”

Debate teaches vital skills—confidence in ideas as well as effective research, preparation, and communication skills. These are all concepts that build on one another and create a foundation that will serve students for the rest of their lives. Involving students in a debate does much more than get them excited about the subject; it also provides them with the tools they need to succeed in many different areas.”