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C3. Activities designed by students

Games on the beach

IMG_4249In order to put into practice this activity, Catalan students have been asked to design and organize a two-hour session based on collaborative games on the beach. The objective of the session is to promote positive interaction among the different members of the teams and get to know each other. Planning and decision taking are basic to carry out the activity.

The schedule and organization


A quiz about Barcelona

This activity is the result of a previous research done beforehand by all the students in their correspondent countries. In fact, they were proposed to find the answers to a set of questions about the city of Barcelona, prepared by the Catalan students. To check their knowledge we use an IT tool called Kahoot, a game based classroom response system played by the whole class in real time. Multiple-choice questions are projected on the screen and students answer the questions with their smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Kahoots can be designed either by teachers or students. If done by students, they can become an extremely useful way to make students reinforce their learning outcomes in different curricular areas.


Quiz Barcelona. The questions

Quiz Barcelona. The answers

Kahoot about Barcelona (you need a Kahoot account to visualize it)

Treasure Hunt

As well as in Games on the beach, Catalan students were asked to design and organize a Treasure Hunt with the objective to show some representative landmarks of the city. Again planning and decision taking are basic to carry out the activity.

Apart from choosing the landmarks and describe them including some historical and interesting information, they have also thought of different challenges to be done by the participants (students and teachers distributed in groups) in every particular landmark.

Thus, students have designed a route using again an IT tool, Google Maps.

treasure hunt

Here is the link to the itinerary