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C3. Integrated Study: Gaudí(r) Barcelona

integrated studyGaudí(r) Barcelona is an integrated study, specially designed for the occasion, that consists of getting to know Barcelona through the leading figure of Antoni Gaudí, the Catalan modernist architect. By means of a compulsory research and optional workshops, students are asked to deal with different types of activities belonging to different curricular areas: social studies, language, technology, mathematics and arts.

The research

In groups of four members and during four sessions, students were asked to prepare presentations, both oral and written, about Gaudi’s life, his time and his works. Each group was in charge of getting to know Gaudí’s life and historical period as well as focus on one of the following notorious buildings designed by the Catalan architect: Casa Vicens, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, Casa Calvet, Palau Güell, Teresian School, Pavilions of the Güell Estate, Bellesguard Tower and Park Güell. These are the contents of the research:

These are some examples of the visual support students used to explain the outcome of their research about their work by Gaudí.

All the groups presented the outcomes of their research in class, except the group that had been researching about the Parc Güell, that presented in the park itself.

The Workshops

Students had the opportunity to choose among four workshops, each of them based on a main curricular area. Their length was four sessions and were attended by 10-12 students maximum. These are the workshops:

  • The Eye of the Designer
    In this workshop, students will learn about Antoni Gaudí as a designer. They also will learn how to manage Rhinoceros 3D, a 3D design software and they will learn about 3D printing technologies by building up their own designs with the 3D printer.

Lesson Plan

  • The magical Gaudi’s surfaces
    In this workshop students will know the shapes of the Gaudi tiles and his techniques of tessellation plane. They also will deal with the main ruled surfaces, their features and those used by Gaudi and they will be asked to create their own Gaudi inspired tile and build their own ruled surface.

Lesson Plan

  • Barcelona in Gaudi’s time
    At the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th, Barcelona experienced great changes in terms of politics, music, literature and, not least, architecture. The growth of a new and rich social class, the bourgeoisie, coexisted with the working-class areas of the city and both legacies can still be seen in our present city. During this workshop students will visit two important quarters, Eixample and Poblenou, to experience the two different Barcelonas during Gaudi’s time

Lesson Plan

  • Becoming a Modernist artisan
    This workshop will let students experiment with the design of pieces of decoration and their realization. They would learn how they used to make plaster moulds and how they used to fill them with others materials as ceramic, porcelain. Students will be asked to perform their pieces using this technique.

Lesson plan