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C4. Dissemination

Altmuhtal Realschule (Beilngries, Germany) Permanent link in the school homepage to inform about the participation in the  Erasmus+ project Press releases in two local newspapers (Donaukourier and Neumarkter Tagblatt) in relation to the Physical Education class imparted during the Erasmus+ visit as an example of innovative methodology. Neumarkter Tagblatt press release Donaukouri...
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C3. Dissemination

Institut Quatre Cantons (Barcelona, Spain) Permanent link in the school homepage to inform about the participation in the Erasmus+ project via Twitter @Ins4cantons and the #Erasmuspluc4C has twitted the meetings of the different mobilities.  Other teachers from the school (@cdiezrioja and @8choa) have contributed with their own account in Twitter in  the events and workshops perf...
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C5. Dissemination

Bjurholm Kommun Castorskolan  Permanent link in the  school homepage  to inform about the participation in the  Erasmus+ project Press release in Västerbottningen, a local paper which published an article on the participation of the school in the Erasmus+ project, with information about their visit to Vilnius, Lithuania.       Interview  for the local radio to a student p...
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C5. Lectures by experts

Mathias Norqvist works at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at Umeå University. His lecture dealt with mathematical reasoning and learning creatively, based on his research On Mathematical Reasoning - being told or finding out.     Christoffer Öberg is CEO of Nyåkers Pepparkakor and one of Sweden's leading, young entrepreneurs nowadays. He explain...
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C5. Team building activity

During our week in Bjurholm we worked with teambuilding activities. The pupils and teachers were divided into groups of mixed nationalities.  The activities were intended to represent all school subjects in the Swedish primary school from an holistic approach. The forest industry is the most important industry in the municipality of Bjurholm. There is also a factory that makes gingerbread world...
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C5. Model lesson on Home Economics

In order to show some of the contents  dealt with in the subject "Home Economics", students and teachers participated in a cooking session, that is, how to cook gingerbread cookies, one of the most famoust sweets of the area. The session run by the teacher in charge of this subject at school was organized in two parts: - during the first one we were shown a presentation on these cookies,...
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Innovative Approach at Königliches Athenäum

As we got this year new school curricula and are busy in teacher training for the implementation of those curricula, we got aware of the need to find and use new teaching methods , more adapted to those new curricula and also to teachers' and students' needs. For this reason and to share experiences, information and solutions with other countries and schools, we are  very motivated  to work on th...
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Bjurholm. Day to Day

Day 1 After a long trip for most of us on the previous day, we arrived at the Bjurholm Castor School, where we were made welcome by the school principal, Gunilla Falk, and the school manager, Henrik Bolin. In the versatile school auditorium (the chairs could be lifted to the ceiling, leaving the floor completely free for other activities), we listened to some songs performed by the music studen...
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