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C6. Activities for teachers

During the meeting, two main activities were designed exclusive for teachers. Lecture on interactive whiteboard This lecture for teachers about using interactive whiteboard in language classes was given by an expert teacher from the school, Mr Norbert Herman. The main goal was to familiarise teachers with the tool, offering practical examples based on ActivInspire software for interactive te...
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C3. Dissemination

Institut Quatre Cantons (Barcelona, Spain) Permanent link in the school homepage to inform about the participation in the Erasmus+ project via Twitter @Ins4cantons and the #Erasmuspluc4C has twitted the meetings of the different mobilities.  Other teachers from the school (@cdiezrioja and @8choa) have contributed with their own account in Twitter in  the events and workshops perf...
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C2. Maths and Facebook

Following this approach of getting both students and teachers closer in their learning/teaching aims, one of the Maths teacher at Torre School, Mr Silvio Freitas, gave a model lesson on how to encourage students (many of this school's students usually lack the focus, inner motivation or confidence) to face specific challenges via one of their favourite resources - the Facebook network. Model ...
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C2 Students’ activities

There were different objectives in the sessions led by the hosting students'. - welcome visitors - present the week's programme - share some highlights on Madeiran history, geography, economy, culture, cuisine, etc. - teach basic Portuguese and last, but not least, - share a handful of ideas on how both students and teachers can make the most of information technology resources and applica...
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Vilnius. Day to Day

Day 1 On Monday 16th November, all participants in the project “Ready for innovative teaching?” were welcome at Vilniaus “Santaros” Gymnazia in the school auditorium. After some welcoming performances, Irina Rovda (coordinator in Lithuania) thanked everybody’s presence and  invited, students and teachers, to participate in two teaching activities intended to deal with the main objective of the ...
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Our project

"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn": This quote motivated us to think about the topic. Traditional classroom environments are often not the most appropriate context for the effective learning and development of key competences. The key competence approach with its emphasis on the application of knowledge in real world situations represents a signifi...
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