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TN2. Spain

The second official transnational meeting between the coordinators of each school was held in Barcelona, Spain from the 31st of May to 2nd of June. The coordinators attending the meeting were: Verena Brammertz, representing Belgium and coordinator of the project, Irina Rovda from Lithuania, Ann-Marie Bäckstörm from Sweden, Isabel Pereira from Madeira, Matthias Röder from Germany and Carme Gabaldon...
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C1. National stereotypes

This workshop dealt with an issue that, nowadays, is of vital importance worldwide. Lithuania, being a member-state of the European Union and of the world community, faces the problem in its full swing. Lithuanian citizens (especially young ones) are leaving the country in hundreds while people from Eastern Europe and Asia are coming in search of better living conditions and work. Students should ...
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C6. Relevant Visits

During our stay in Eupen, two outstanding visits were scheduled. The first one was to the European Parliament in Brussels. There, all the group met Mr.Pascal Arimont, deputy of the European Parliament, who gave students and teachers a very interesting lecture on the parliament and its organization and main functions. The other important meeting took place the Parliament of the German-speaki...
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C6. Activities for teachers

During the meeting, two main activities were designed exclusive for teachers. Lecture on interactive whiteboard This lecture for teachers about using interactive whiteboard in language classes was given by an expert teacher from the school, Mr Norbert Herman. The main goal was to familiarise teachers with the tool, offering practical examples based on ActivInspire software for interactive te...
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C6. Activities for and by students

  Guided tour around the school During this activity host students were in charge to give overall information about the school in mixed groups of both visiting students and teachers. The tour was very interesting and allowed everybody to know the most relevant places in the school.   Model lesson on science classes This creative and innovative science class was pr...
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C6. Activities and Outcomes

During the week in Eupen, the Königliches Athenäum offered a set of teaching-learning activities devoted to both  teachers and students. Some outstanding visits were also organized worth to be mentioned. Activities by and for students Some of the following activities were led by the host students and some others were led by teachers for the whole group of students. Guided tour around th...
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Eupen. Day to Day

Erasmus+: Day to day Eupen, Belgium from 2015rfit It was nine o’clock on our first day in Eupen, and students and teachers were received and made welcome by the principal and the assistant principal. We learnt about the week’s programme, and we made a tour of this really big school. The students started working in groups on the preparation of the presentations that they would show on the ...
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